Dianadrol: The First Ever Anabolic Steroid

Dianadrol was the first ever anabolic steroid that was a potent mixture of both anabolic and androgenic properties, and that’s what made it one of the strongest and the most popular drugs of its time. Dianadrol, considered as one of the groundbreaking anabolic steroids. First produced by John Ziegler with collaboration with the Ciba Laboratories in 1956.

Dianadrol, introduced in the United States in 1958. The anabolic steroid became extremely popular in the States. It virtually became the favorite supplement of bodybuilders and weightlifters. The drug is said to be the favorite of Arnold Schwarzenegger too.

Dianadrol is known for its ultimate potential of improving muscle size with least fluid retention. D-Bol helps in suppressing or choking up signals which keep your muscles intact. Also known as D-Bol or methandrostenolone in the pharmaceutical field. Referred to as a muscle growth hormone. 17a methyl group formula which helps it to pass through the liver and slow down the rate of conversion to estrogen. The drug has the capability of water retention which further helps in gaining great muscle mass and strength. It also promotes protein synthesis, enhances glucogenolysis and stimulates strength in a very fast-acting way.

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