Dbol was not always a legal steroid supplement. In fact it once contained an ingredient called methandrostenolone, only available by prescription. Today however, “DIANADROL” sold as an OTC, pharmaceutical grade, dietary supplement. In just the past few years many legal anabolic supplements became available. You may find products online like D-Ball, D-BOL, D-Anobol and Dianibol. All great products while not only safe, but 100% legal.

legal-steroidsInterestingly enough, DIANADROL was not always legally available. Let’s take a look at the history of DIANADROL

Originally in 1956, DIANADROL was pharmaceutically known as Methandrostenolone/ Methandienone; was the bodybuilders’ first choice; it was often dubbed as the ‘breakfast of champions’; of course, it is dianadrol. Dianadrol was one of the most commonly used oral anabolic steroids in that era.

Dianadrol, was one of the most previous and the most famous anabolic steroids, was originally developed by Dr. John Ziegler with the help of Ciba Pharmaceutical Company. Ciba released dianadrol in the United States in 1956.

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Dianadrol was perhaps the first anabolic steroid in sports history. It became immensely popular in the 1960s and 1970s. It became common dietary intake of power jocks. The anabolic steroid is said to be used by almost every Mr.Olympia from Scott to Zane. It is believed that Dr. Zeigler´s little blue dianadrol pills helped Arnold Schwarzenegger to win his first of seven Mr. Olympia titles. Until banned by the FDA under the Controlled Substances Act, dianadrol was widely used anabolic steroid by bodybuilders.

Dianadrol is chemically structured as “17 beta-hydroxy-17alpha-methyl-1, 4-androstadien-3-one”. Its main ingredients include Hydroxy Propylmethylcellulose, Dextrose, Triacetin,Starch, FD&C Yellow #10, Stearic Acid, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silica, Magnesium Stearate, and Titanium Dioxide. The ingredients of dianadrol work as constructive-metabolic factors that intensify protein synthesis and nitrogen preservation in the body. These elements have adaptogenic properties, which help body to become accustomed to increased workloads and fight fatigue. Thus, dianadrol has great has the power to provide remarkable increase in muscle size with lowest fluid retention.

Several studies on dianadrol have proved that dianadrol users have great benefits, Legal steroidstaking two capsules daily. Additionally, those taking higher quantities of dianadrol, like four to eight capsules each day, have reported significant muscle mass and strength benefits. Bodybuilders often use dianadrol to increase their muscle mass, raise protein synthesis process, and increase glycogenolysis. The effective dosage of dianadrol include 15-50 mg / day orally or 50-150 mg / week by injection. Dianadrol used in cycles, and an average cycle of dianadrol usually structured as 25-40mg split throughout each day for 4-6 weeks, either alone or stacked with other steroids.

Dianadrol is the most effective anabolic steroid that gives the most advantageous results when stacked with other anabolic steroids. Most commonly stacked with Deca-Durabolin or Primobolan, perhaps even Equipoise.

However, some side effects associated with dianadrol, which include acne, gynecomastia, liver infections, increased body weight, excess fluid retention, high blood pressure, faster heart beat and early hair loss. Often used by men, but in women it often develops strong masculinization features and other effects on their bodies.

Presently, dianadrol is in the FDA’s list of the Controlled Substances. The production of dianadrol in most of Western Europe and the United States ceased. However, despite this, dianabol produced in countries, like Mexico under the trade name Reforvit-b, Russia, and Thailand. It is widely available on the U.S. black market.


buy dianabolToday, DIANADROL® (Legal-D-BOL) is available as a pharmaceutical grade dietary supplement. Although you may not find it in GNC nutrition stores, it is readily available online. The new product IS NOT an anabolic steroid. It is a much safer alternative to those methylated products. It is by far one of the most reliable bulking supplements sold online today.

Back in the 1960’s, dianadrol used if you wanted a very powerful anabolic steroid in terms of both androgenic and anabolic effects. Surely, with dianadrol, you can experience the result of these effects that is usually a great buildup of muscle mass and strength in a relatively quick period of time.

Pharmaceutically known as “Methandrostenolone / methandienone,” and chemical structured as “17 beta-hydroxy-17alpha-methyl-1, 4-androstadien-3-one” – dianadrol is really powerful anabolic steroid that has a great effect on protein metabolism. It effects protein synthesis, supports protein buildup, and maintains a positive nitrogen balance which can also have a positive effect on well being.

Dianadrol, one of the most commonly used anabolic steroids. Often taken in cycles and usually stacked with various other anabolic steroids. It gives best results when used in combination with other anabolic steroids. Deca-Durabolin or Primobolan, and perhaps even Equipoise. While some of the anabolic steroids commonly stacked with dianadrol. Dianabol, also commonly stacked with injectable anabolic steroids, like enanthate, cypionate, and sustanon. Dianadrol stacks often preferred by bodybuilders, because they incredibly push up the muscle mass, strength and improve muscle stamina. It can help you gain 2-4 pounds each week for six weeks, if taken combined with proper nutrition and training of course.

Since dianadrol, 17-AA steroid, it is liver toxic, if used in high doses or over extended periods of time (or both). Generally, 5-40 mg of dianadrol per day, sufficient for a steroid beginner, but dosing not taken for more than 4-6 weeks at most. In fact, dianadrol use, a poor idea for beginners because dianadrols very powerful anabolic steroid, which best suited for the slightly more advanced athletes.

However, dianadrols number of side effects if taken high doses, but if doses kept low (15-20 mg daily), side effect less pronounced, sometimes not even visible. Dianadrols liver toxic and can cause considerable strain on the liver in high doses and over extended periods of time. Since dianadrol rapidly bulks up body due to both hypertrophy and excess fluid retention. While stepping up both blood pressure and heart rate, and in extreme cases require the use of an antihypertensive drug like catapressin. Sometimes, dianadrol causes serious acne on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. Because sebaceous gland stimulated due to dianadrol’s conversion into dihydrotestosterone. In women, dianadrol develops strong virilization features.

However, you can use liver protection supplements, like Milk Thistle to keep your liver protected while using dianadrol. These liver protection supplements used while taking any 17-alpha-alkylated steroids. If you play it safe and use the legal steroid supplements made available today. While getting great results, the added no side effects.

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